Croatian Eats: Green Market/Pazar

I couldn’t be happy that our hostel in Split was just a stone throw away from the Green Market [ul. Stari Pazar, Split, Croatia], or Pazar as the locals call it.

IMG_6488You’ll find a variety of fresh fruit at great prices here. We went to the same vendor every time and dubbed him our fruit stand grandpa. When we would pick one fruit for the day he would throw extra other items in our bag for us to try. We loved him! Our fruit came on hikes and to the beach with us, so fresh and sweet.

IMG_6512 IMG_6640There are restaurants, butchers, and most importantly – bakeries around the market. You must try a delectable Croatian donut filled with marmalade.

IMG_7010I was never the biggest jelly donut fan, but trying these local treats has changed my mind entirely. I ended up grabbing a half a dozen to bring home the morning we left, yum for everyone! Walking up and down the aisles of the market you can find a whole lot more than food. This is a great place for souvenirs housing knick-knacks, clothes, hats, sunglasses, and jewelry. This place gets crowded as the day goes on, best to get there early to avoid the throngs of people in the narrow alleyways!

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