Manchester VT Eats: Cilantro Tacos

I may have stumbled across some of the best Mexican on the East Coast in, Vermont? Yes. Manchester, VT to be exact, and it isn’t the first place I’d go looking for killer Mexican, but hey – they’ve got it going on. At Cilantro Tacos [5036 Main St, Manchester Center, VT 05255] you can find tacos, burritos, and more all locally sourced in the earthy Vermont fashion.

IMG_7331I love the entire vibe of this joint, super friendly staff, funky art, and most importantly such good food! We got the house made chips and salsa which were so fresh and yummy.

IMG_7335I went for the hill of beans, a deconstructed burrito so fresh and delicious I would eat it everyday.

IMG_7332I wish you could see all of the business under this sweet crunchy lettuce and sour cream that my fork uncovered. Every bite filled with all the good stuff- rice, beans, tender flavorful chicken, and house made queso, plus some salsa I added on. Jeff raved about his burrito and taco, and I trust that they were as good as my hill o beans because they sure smelt tasty.

IMG_7337 IMG_7336You should try some of their house made soda, the peach concoction I had was off the hook! I found chunks of fruit at the bottom.

IMG_7333The guys here clearly care about their product, welcome you warmly, and their love permeates through all aspects of the restaurant experience. At just over an hour out of Albany, I see many more trips to Manchester to get my Mexican fix – you can’t be fresh, local, love!

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