Buda Castle via Chain Bridge

The Buda Castle [Budapest, Szent György tér 2, 1014 Hungary] was first completed in 1265 and it is a sight many people make an effort to see today whilst in Budapest. That’s what I call stayput power. Coming from the Pest side of town we traversed the Chain Bridge to get there, which added to the enchantment. The Chain Bridge is a popular suspension bridge, and has Hungarian cultural significance similar to New York’s Brooklyn Bridge. As you step onto the bridge you can see the Buda Castle on the other side of the Danube.

IMG_6023The bridge only spans just of 1200 feet so it is not a very long walk, take your time and observe every inch there is to see.

IMG_6045Take some pictures in the center where with the dazzling views of two cities, Buda and Pest, divided by this river.

IMG_6037As you reach the end of the bridge you will still have the castle in view, but you will also see an interesting site: the Budapest Castle Hill Funicular built in 1870.

IMG_6046A funicular railway moves trams up and down steep hills using cables, the opposing cars balance one another. This was the second funicular to be created, a very interesting mode of transportation. We made our way up to get a closer look.

IMG_6056We continued on uphill in the castle grounds enjoying the nature and the exercise.

IMG_6051 IMG_6059Eventually we reached a height which gave us a gorgeous view of the Chain Bridge we just walked and the Pest side of the city.

IMG_6057We ventured further and reached the castle gates.

IMG_6060The guards on duty seemed to be having a good time with us. Anytime we turned our heads they would playfully beat the butts of their guns on the ground, or make a noise! So different from the serious guards we saw at the Kings Garden in Copenhagen. We explored the grounds of the castle and its former ruins.

IMG_6064There are beautiful views into the Buda Hills are magnificent here.

11350428_10204446876756261_1855043798583805672_nMany people come down to see the Buda Castle lit up at night. Night river cruises up and down the Danube sounded lovely to see the city shining in the darkness.

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Yes I was aware! And I know during WWII bridges were usually quick to go.

  2. Don Reed says:

    Julie, did anyone tell you that the cities were practically destroyed in 1944-45 in WWII?

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