Gellert Hill via Liberty Bridge

A great way to spend a few hours, and get some great exercise, is walking around Gellert Hill [Budapest, Gellért-hegy, 1118 Hungary]. If you’re staying on the Pest side, I would recommend walking over Liberty bridge to get there. It really adds to the whole experience. There are a number of bridges from connecting Buda and Pest. The elegant green Liberty Bridge is pedestrian friendly and less than a quarter of a mile long.

IMG_6184 IMG_6174The views from the center of the Danube River are well worth the short jaunt.

IMG_6182As you make your way from Pest to Buda you begin to see the sights of Gellert Hill. You may spot the monument at the top as you stop to take some pictures, just be careful – it’s windy out in the center.

IMG_6179As you get even closer to Buda you will no doubt see the mysterious looking cave church, and you will be attracted to it.

IMG_6186We started our ascent up by visiting the cave church. It was beautiful on the outside and had a magnificent statue.

IMG_6190However, as you might intelligently guess from the name, it is simply a church within a cave. Unless you are going for a service, or really into religious buildings, you might just want to enjoy its beauty from the outside and skip the nominal fee for entering. There are many beautiful spots along the hike up the hill to take a moment and breathe in the scenery.

11412152_10204446822954916_6466577990832068176_nIf you keep heading up you will eventually make it to the top. You will know you’re there when the Liberty statue and the Citadella will meet you.

IMG_6203I believe this panoramic view to be the best in the city.

IMG_6213You can see for miles and miles.

IMG_6209If you are looking to extend your stay in the area, a visit to the popular Gellert Thermal Baths might a fun addition to the day.

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