Best of Budapest Eats: Zeller Bistro

Are you feelin lucky? We must have been walking in here without a reservation…Yet lucky we were, as the next party of two trying to come in was sent away. Don’t gamble. Make a reservation because you want to eat here. Zeller Bistro [Budapest, Izabella u. 38, 1077 Hungary] is a cozy, intimate, family run bistro with locally sourced food and wine. We were seated and given a little glass of champagne on the house, it was so sweet and set the mood for us splendidly.

IMG_6268Warm dark bread and soft butter came out and as always I did my best not to eat all of it.

IMG_6269There was a cup of colored pencils on the table. We sipped, nibbled, and doodled on the tablecloth that was actually just paper. Before we were finished with our artwork the food was out, which was truly a work of art all its own.

IMG_6273With something so beautiful you almost feel bad digging in, until you taste it that is. The fish, every veggie, herb, flower, mushroom – so fresh and perfect. I couldn’t stop there, dessert sounded right up my alley, a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie which was so divine.

IMG_6276Crust: soft, break apart flakey, buttery. Filling: tart, sweet, firm chunks of fruit. The combination with a bit of sauce, what a high note to end on. As if that wasn’t delightful enough, the check came with tiny cupcakes and candies.

IMG_6277Oh yes, this is as good as it gets. Don’t leave Budapest without a trip to Zeller Bistro!

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