Best of Budapest Eats: Bors Gasztrobar

An ultimately killer sandwich, ya just can’t miss it when you’re in Budapest. Bors GasztroBar [Budapest, Kazinczy u. 10, 1075 Hungary] is located in the Jewish Quarter, packed with people inside and loitering around outside.

IMG_6133There are only a handful of stools, and nowhere to speak about outside to take your sandwich. Disregard the lack of seating. Check out the menu maybe you want pig brains, maybe you want something a little more mainstream.

IMG_6130Just as we had finished ordering three chairs miraculously opened, my companion and I and our newfound hostel friend slid right in. Our orders came out pretty quickly despite the snaking line. I ended up grabbing the small sized sandwich with cheese, tomato, and herbs.

IMG_6132Hot damn I should have gotten the larger one because this baby got devoured at an alarming pace. The bread was perfect, crunchy though fresh, pressed to melt this intensely divine cheese. The tomato and herbs were a bit of an afterthought, but still they do their part adding some wicked flavor. This sandwich tastes a bit like a reconstructed pizza, in the best way possible. Don’t forget to grab some of their homemade soda, a rising trend.

IMG_6129Deep raspberry flavor with loads of fresh mint, yeah this is real good stuff. I’m almost convinced you can’t go wrong here. These sandwiches in Budapest are a work of culinary supremacy.

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