Best of Budapest Eats: Koleves

Koleves [Budapest, Kazinczy u. 37, 1075 Hungary] translates to stone soup, which might put a traditional notion in your head, but scratch that. This place is relaxed and pretty hip, in the Jewish quarter which turns into a total party scene at night.

IMG_5936It was our first meal in Hungary and really set the bar high for the Budapest food scene. We sat on their patio in a quiet corner and decided on our meals. Bone marrow was on the menu and it is something I’ve been meaning to try so I went with it.

IMG_5927Three thick bones filled with fatty gelatinous goodness, I am a fan. It didn’t hurt that I smeared it on a crispy hunk of bread with a slathering of butter, herbs, and horseradish, and then dipped it into broth. Yep, can’t get much better. Wait, it did! For my main I got a baked whole trout that was so perfect and flakey. It was so good I ate the eyeballs and fins, I watch too much Andrew Zimmern.

IMG_5930 IMG_5932The onions, potatoes, and swiss chard so buttery and divine. Thank you Koleves for a wonderful introduction to Budapest cuisine!

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