Copenhagen Parks: Rosenborg Castle Gardens

If I was moving to Copenhagen, I know exactly which apartment I’d want, right on the edge of Rosenborg Castle Gardens [Gothersgade 11, 2300 København K, Denmark].

IMG_5881It’s the tiny yellow one in the middle, with a huge window to look out on this incredible park. Rosenborg Castle Gardens, or sometimes simply Kings Garden, is a large and very open park filled with beauty and wonder. It is the oldest of the royal gardens constructed in the 1600s. The plentiful flowerbeds doubled with the cheery architecture create a magical border for this park enclosed by walls.

IMG_5877 IMG_5879 IMG_5892There is a plethora of little areas to explore, and I had to pop into the children’s park after enjoying the one at Frederiksberg so much. You must enter through a gate to find dinosaurs, their eggs, and lots of small children in their own fairy tales.

IMG_5886A copper statue of Hans Christian Anderson is not too far off, looking over the children.

IMG_5883There are many sculptures and statues all around,

IMG_5889 IMG_5890One is encircled by trees almost as odd as it is, a cherub choking out a swan…not sure how I feel about that!

IMG_5887 IMG_5888There is a larger than life statue of Caroline Amalie, who was queen of Denmark from 1839-1848, in a garden looking over the castle.

IMG_5911The castle itself is exquisite and full of character.

IMG_5898After you cross the bridge over the moat,

IMG_5905You may be lucky enough to randomly catch the changing of the guards like we did, make sure to stay out of their way as they march.

IMG_5906You can simply look around enjoying the beauty of the grounds and the unique architecture,

IMG_5910Or you can opt to take a tour of the castle. We had a packed day so we marveled for a few moments and kept trucking. There is so much magic and beauty within the walls of this amazing park, it truly adds color, splendor, and a bit of history to your Copenhagen trip.

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