University of Copenhagen Botanical Garden

Bright vibrant colors of beautiful blossoms galore!

IMG_5871The University of Copehagen Botanical Garden [Øster Farimagsgade 2B, 1353 København K, Denmark] is a must see for naturalists visiting the city. The park is free to visit, and a stop at the wondrous glass conservatory is a great beginning. Just a note, it is hot in the dome, and it gets noticeably hotter if you head up the elegant spiral stairs.

IMG_5840The beautiful tropical trees and plants are worth the walk through the sauna however, and you can’t miss the view looking down from the top. Heading back down and into the next room you get immediate relief from the stifling heat, and your first dose of flowers. Take your time and study the intricate shapes and designs of nature’s creation.

IMG_5848 IMG_5846 IMG_5844 IMG_5843 IMG_5842There is much more to be seen outside, a walk down to the pond will reveal greenery and many magpies hopping about.

IMG_5849There are benches and lawns for lounging, and Olympic looking sculptures worked in artfully with the landscape.

IMG_5850You will reach a region of the park where there are some hills with winding paths, go up each of them! They are fantastically designed; each rock, flower, and waterfall is perfectly placed.

IMG_5859 IMG_5865As always in nature watch out for bees who love the pollen on these pretty flowers, but also watch out for other interesting creatures. These ladybugs were having a time on the hill,

IMG_5864And this snail was soaking up the scent in this rhododendron.

IMG_5868 IMG_5870Maybe it was just being in Copenhagen, or that fact that the warm sun decided to peak out for the afternoon on our stroll, but this place just gave me a real hygge feeling. It is a great place to slow down and feed your senses, make observations, and celebrate little moments. If you are a lover of nature and botanical gardens this is certainly a magical place to visit on your trip to Copenhagen.

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