Copenhagen Eats: Torvehallerne Market

Torvehallerne [Frederiksborggade 21, 1360 København K, Denmark] is different from your typical city market. It’s small, quiet, hygge, and slightly high end, perfectly suited for Copenhagen.

IMG_5818It doesn’t open until 10am, 11 on Sundays. There are two little buildings that hold just a couple of vendors; one has more food and goods for sale, the other more meat and fish to bring home. The market has beautiful flowers and produce outside between the buildings. On my visit I grabbed a cup of sweet elderflower juice as I strolled around contemplating what to snack on.

IMG_5815Edible flowers? And acai juice were tempting…

IMG_5817I already had Grød and Coffee Collective down on Jægersborggade so those great choices were out as I wanted to try something new. The sweet tooth beckoned me towards Laura’s Bakery, the pastries looked beyond gorgeous.

IMG_5826I got a yummy mini cinnamon kanelsnegle and a flat pink pastry that tasted like a heavenly pop tart, perfect sized treats!

IMG_5828I wandered in between the building to look at the produce and was struck by the sheer size of the Danish snap peas!

IMG_5822 IMG_5824I had to grab a bag full of them and I am so happy I did, beautifully fresh sweet peas to snack on all day! The rest of the produce looked gorgeously plump and colorful as well.

IMG_5821There were some colorful characters present eying up the produce alongside of me, adding to the local flavor.

IMG_5823This would be a fantastic place to grab lunch, but breakfast proved to be a bit difficult unless you don’t mind eating pastries and snap peas like I did!

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