Troy Eats: Slidin’ Dirty

There is no White Castle in the Capital Region, but if you’re looking to get some sliders to fill the crave look no further than Slidin’ Dirty in Troy [9 1st St, Troy, NY 12180]. This place has really taken off, and I can see why. The main attraction here is their great sliders, they all have the option to come in beef, chicken, and black bean so everyone can find something they like. The ‘dirty dozen’ are the twelve different unique toppings offered to further personalize your slider. A dirty duo ($9) suited me just fine, but if you’re real hungry like Jeff get a dirty trio which is a great deal ($13). These sliders are pretty plump, they have fresh fluffy buns, and you really need to stretch your jaw to get these whoppers in. I tried a black bean BLT style slider, and a chicken buffalo bacon ranch.


They were both dynamite! The black bean burger had a great texture, all of the ingredients tasted fresh, and combinations worked together phenomenally. Jeff also tried the BLT but with beef, the buffalo chicken (which was his favorite!), and also a beef version of the ‘hangover’ which was topped with bacon, cheddar, arugula, fried egg, chipotle cream – so messy, so good.


He was sufficiently stuffed. The burgers are accompanied by a little side of pickled veggies. There are more than simply sliders if you want an eclectic array of appetizers like meatballs, eggrolls, or avocado fries. I love avocado in its natural form, and frying this fresh fruit (it is a fruit, it has a seed!) and dipping it into a creamy sauce further intensified the deliciousness.


Slidin’ Dirty has great food, it is housed in a beautiful building with high ceilings, the service is quick, and with all these ingredients the place was understandably packed. All sorts of people were enjoying a late afternoon meal when I visited, chattering and munching called to Troy by the love of sliders.

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