NYC Eats: Dominique Ansel Bakery

Searching for severely scrumptious sweets in Soho? Look no further than Dominique Ansel Bakery [189 Spring St, New York, NY 10012] where the pastries look as good as they taste.


Hop on line and try to decide what you are going to get, no easy task. This joint is known as the place that invented the cronut, which recently took the world by storm, so that might be a good option. I was tempted to go for the kitty pastry or a chocolate chip cookie shot, but finally went for the nutella milk bread right up by the counter.


Man, this was a great choice! I love how it was twisty like a cinnabon, and I could unravel it row by row. The strips of rich nutella and speckles of toffee on this plush dough was too good to by true, but my awesome reality. Jeff got a frozen smores which was blowtorched on the spot.


The blazed honey marshmallow blanketed Tahitian vanilla ice cream and chocolate wafer crisps. Eating this hot and cold treat off of a stick is so good on so many levels. There are a number of seating options in this space to choose from which is great. You can stay right in the shop, possibly grabbing a seat to watch the action happening in the back kitchen. You can go through the back door and sit in a quieter white room with a number of tables, or you can choose to sit outside in a little garden patio. Even if you take your goods to go, there is no bad place to enjoy something so sweet!

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