To the top of the Empire State Building!

Another NYC bucket list item can be officially crossed out; I made it to the top of the Empire State Building!


Tickets prices are steep at $32 a person, but for me this was a once in a lifetime deal so I splurged. I was so nervous that the whole ordeal was going to take forever when in reality; it went quicker than I could have ever imagined! We bought our tickets online though the ticket lines weren’t very long on a sunny spring afternoon, and security was a breeze. The hardest part of getting to the top was navigating through the maze like path which you must walk, the people who wanted to take your pictures and all of the informational panels. Some of the panels were actually interesting, and I can see how they would be very welcomed if you did have to wait in a long line. We loved meeting King Kong.

IMG_4915 IMG_4916

Finally we found bit of a real line! It took about 15 minutes of true waiting time to get into the elevator to the 86th floor. Once crammed inside the elevator I expected to feel it rushing up over 80 floors, and wanted to jump near the top to get some air because I’m a kid at heart. However, this elevator is designed so well you barely feel as though you are moving, and before you know it you’re at 86.


Head outside into the fresh air, hopefully you have picked a clear day and you will be able to see for miles and miles. You can walk around the building for a complete panorama; each angle is a unique and sensational view of NYC. Looking North you will spot Central Park, the huge green rectangle. Looking South you will spot the Freedom Tower, the tallest and most regal building in NYC’s skyline.


You may spot some other well-known sighs such as the Chrysler Building


and the Brooklyn Bridge. That was the extent of my city knowledge, but I continued to guess at what other distinctive buildings might be. While you are looking around, don’t forget to look up to see the top of the building,


And down to see it’s shadow, along with ant sized cars and people going along with their daily lives below.


I am so happy to finally have reached the top of the Empire State Building, looking out at all of the splendor in one of the greatest cities in the world. I had such a wonderful experience the whole way through.

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Even though there are plenty of great skyline vistas around the city for much cheaper, I think everyone needs to take the ride once in a lifetime! Looking forward to reading more on your site and thanks for stopping by!

  2. This is on my bucket list, too! Love the photos from the top. Thanks for following my blog!

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