Fun in Rockland County: Buttermilk Falls & Rockland Center for the Arts

I was heading north from Westchester into Rockland County to take a short hike at Buttermilk Falls [199 South Greenbush Road, West Nyack], it seemed like a great idea for a pit stop on my way to the Culinary Institute. I had seen some gorgeous spring falls around this time and had high expectations, silly me!
IMG_4443The falls were nothing but trickles at the time. It looks like a beautiful drop off, and would probably be quite a sight in rainier times.

IMG_4442The hike around Buttermilk Falls is relatively short and leads to a nice overlook after making your way up a nice hill.

IMG_4445At the time I visited vibrant red buds were making their first appearance.

IMG_4448Try visiting after a good rain and let me know how it is.

The trip was not in vain without a waterfall, as we enjoyed the fresh air and exercise, and discovered a sculpture park right up the road! The Rockland Center for the Arts [27 South Greenbush Road, West Nyack, NY 10994] was such a delightful surprise. It is free to investigate the grounds and observe all of the obscure sculptures.

IMG_4451 IMG_4454 IMG_4464After that take a look inside for more fantastically unique exhibits.

IMG_4471 IMG_4474 IMG_4473Such fun to be found on a quiet road in West Nyack.

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