Westchester Hikes: Mianus River Gorge

Northern Westchester holds some truly beautiful nature, and it is oh so lovely to walk along the Mianus River with the arrival of spring.

IMG_4437A drive into Bedford will expose some gorgeous homes and a popular preserve with the locals: the Mianus River Gorge [167 Mianus River Road, Bedford, New York 10506]. With five miles of trails you will have no problem losing yourself in these woods. Some of the trails are wide and flat, so easy to hike upon one woman was even pushing a baby carriage. Others are more narrow and gnarled with roots and rocks. On my visit a few weeks back all of the creatures of the forest were happy. Birds were singing, garter snakes sunning themselves,

IMG_4435 IMG_4439and chipmunks playing hide-and-go-seek. The true star of this preserve however is the river itself. The trails follow its sparkling current, you can hear it throughout the woods, and smell the clean and fresh scent.

IMG_4429Find a sunny rock and observe the river and the animals who make this habitat their homes.

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