Rensselaerville Eats: Palmer House Café

Imagine living in a small town: a church, library, post office, and a restaurant… You want to go out to eat? It’s the only game in town; good thing for Rensselaerville Palmer House Café is a casual yet elegant, severely scrumptious establishment teeming with locally sourced options [1462 Main St. Rensselaerville]. Walking in through the front door of the dining room you are greeted by a mural of birds who might give up a few feathers to peck at your grub,

IMG_4762reminiscent of the hike we just took at Hyuck Preserve right up the block. There is also a back room with a tavern style atmosphere. Soon the waitress comes over with a carafe of water, a basket of fluffy bread, and the specials for tonight.

IMG_4764She offers to bring a sample of a local coffee like beer that you may either ‘love or hate’ – and we loved it. As an appetizer we ordered the chickpea and kale fritters topped with a tangy aioli and paired with the most fresh and juicy fruit chutney you could ever ask for.

IMG_4765Our waitress left for just a few moments before checking back on us and our plate was clean as can be. For my meal I ordered a butternut squash and parsnip bisque which was so out of this world I wish my apartment had a fountain of it.

IMG_4769I also gobbled up a divine special of the night, a kale, tomato, caramelized onion, and gruyere tart.

IMG_4768Jeff had the meatloaf which came out colorfully presented, and I snagged some of his mashed po-ta-ters.

IMG_4767Yum. For dessert, the last blueberry and peach cobbler had our name on it and this was truly the icing on the cake.

IMG_4770Chunks of fresh blueberry and peach, off the charts phenomenal!

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