Albany Eats: Sovrana’s Pizza

If you love thick crust pizza Sovranna’s in Albany [63 N Lake Ave, Albany, NY 12206] is the place to go. Just one of these dense slices will fill you up, but they are so good you might just want a second!

IMG_4240The dough is soft and moist; there is a thing layer of sauce and some perfectly crispy cheese on top. I have officially found my new place to get a slice in town. Try and save room for dessert, their homemade éclairs are heavenly!

IMG_4241The fluffy dough is brushed with just a bit of rich chocolate, and inside is pumped with delicious cream. It’s a big pastry; they don’t seem to skimp on anything here. You will find more than just pizza and pastries here, there is also a deli inside. I am curious to see if their sandwiches are as good as the rest of the food I sampled, I will have to investigate next time!

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