Albany Hikes: Corning Preserve

I’m at the tail end of obtaining my masters degree so things are a bit busy on my end. I don’t have as much time to go far away trips and trails everyday; I’ve been staying close to home. As busy as I get I always find time to exercise, it helps me clear my head. I don’t own a gym membership, the world is my treadmill. One trail I have taken advantage of during this busy time in my life is the Corning Preserve in Albany [Under the elevated roadway of Interstate 787, north of the intersection of Colonie and Water Streets in Albany is a parking lot]. In the winter months this paved path was plowed,

IMG_4160now during the spring it is not muddy. In the summer this is the site for Alive at Five’s, lots of rowers practice here, and people fish in the river. This out and back path stays relatively flat and straight for miles and miles, it is ideal for running, walking, rollerblading, or biking. This trail is nestled between 787 and the Hudson River. Some points of it you can hear the roar of the cars and see trash strewn about. Other parts are quieter and wooded. The river is almost always in sight.

IMG_4178 IMG_4164Even in this urban setting you will most likely encounter some form of wildlife. If you look to the trees there are bird nests everywhere, I’ve especially enjoyed spotting some downy woodpeckers. On the river you may see all types of waterfowl, turtles, or fish jumping into the air. On land I’ve seen woodchuck, squirrels, and even a field mouse!

IMG_4181Plants and wildflowers grow strong, and a river breeze is a refreshing reprieve in the warmer months. I’ve never done the whole trail, which ends in Troy, but each time I visit I try to push farther and farther. I am so thankful to have this resource in my city year round, and so close to home!

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