Troy Eats: Nibble

Nibble? More like cram into your face, these gourmet donuts at Nibble in Troy [461 Broadway, Troy, NY 12180] are seriously tasty. I popped in to this lovely little nook on a weekend morning and it was bustling. I stood in line for a short time, service is quick, and ordered way too much food! Everything looks and smells so good, how could I resist? I got a maple bacon donut that was loaded with sweet, savory, salty, and simply amazing goodness. It was a meal in its own.

IMG_4190I loved the potato dough, it is so unique and a perfect vessel for the toppings. I didn’t stop there. I didn’t realize how filling it would be..or maybe I did and just didn’t care. I also got one of their ‘pocket sandwiches’ – a bacon egg and cheddar.

IMG_4191 IMG_4192It was intense. The pocket itself is sweet like the donuts, but a sprinkling of sea salt on top cuts it and the filling is fresh and wonderful. It’s a lot of food for one sitting, I wouldn’t recommend getting both at the same time unless you are planning on skipping lunch like I had to! I would recommend trying both donut and sandwich at different times however, they were to live for. Jeff had the apple spice donut which he really enjoyed, and I couldn’t resist sneaking a bite, so good!

IMG_4189I want to try a knish on my next trip. Join the hype, grab breakfast or lunch at nibble!!!

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