Ben Gable Savories

Chatham is my favorite little quaint town in Columbia County, there are so many great options here. I recently visited Ben Gable Savories [17 Central Sq, Chatham, NY 12037] for the first time and fell in love at first glance.


The gorgeous wallpaper is covered with birds!


Off to a great start. I drooled looking behind the glass at the quiches and savory pastries, which all looked so beautiful. Everything is handmade and seasonal; I chose the squash and kale – a fine choice.


Big chunks of these veggies swam soundly in a perfectly cooked egg ocean.


The crush was softy and flaky, a sturdy base. Paired with this was a delightful little tomato jam which had a sweet note to it lightening up the quiche. Absolutely glorious. Jeff got an equally delicious ham quiche and opted for a side salad.


We both enjoyed stumptown coffee with our breakfasts. A perfect start to any morning!

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