Yorktown Heights Hike: Hilltop Hanover Farm

I took a great hike at Hilltop Hanover with my Mom (1271 Hanover Street, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598) in Westchester. We took the 1.8 mile loop and there are additional paths in the center. There was a group of boys playing hockey on the frozen pond. IMG_3226As we walked past and the woods became more serene we began to hear some chirps and looked around. We spotted maybe half a dozen eastern bluebirds enjoying the sunshine. IMG_3227 IMG_3229The hike was pleasant and mildly hilly in spots. At one point in our hike we noticed an exceptionally shiny rock in the distance, ice coated and glistening in the sun. IMG_3233The farm also offers educational programs, and in the woods we saw rocks crafted into seats near a tepee of wood. IMG_3235I can imagine this place bustling in the warmer months, but we were the only ones using the hiking trails on this day.

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