Lunch in Mamaroneck at Hash O’Nash

My Mom had been raving about a middle eastern joint called Hash O’Nash (441 Mamaroneck Ave Mamaroneck, NY 10543), so last time I was in Westchester I had to give it a try. On the main drag of Mamaroneck very close to the train station was the restaurant. We came a bit after the lunch hour and the place was empty, we picked a big sunny window seat next to an assortment of hookahs. It would fill up a bit during our meal even at an off hour. Our waiter quickly took our order and brought drinks. We got a very yummy Jallab drink which was made of dates and rose water with some ginger ale. IMG_3250The soup is what my Mom said was ahhmazing, red lentil to be exact. I wasn’t expecting anything special from a few lentils, but this was seriously phenomenal! IMG_3251It came in a deep funky orange bowl and had such a wonderful savory taste with some crispy crackers for texture and fresh herbs for a bit of brightness. Really good soup and something I probably would have never looked twice at if my Mom didn’t recommend it, the waiter confirmed it was his favorite too. The chicken shawarma tasted really fresh with great contrasting flavors and lots of tahini sauce. IMG_3253I could see the meat on the vertical rotisserie and the cook prepping up the food. Great experience here!

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