Tucson: Meditate and Hike at Sanctuary Cove

Sanctuary Cove [8001 North Scenic Drive, Tucson, AZ 85743] is an off the beaten path spot that firstly hosts an all creeds chapel, a quaint brick structure quietly situated in the desert. IMG_3899 IMG_3871Secondly Sanctuary Cove offers an awesome little meditative desert hiking trail between one and two miles gaining some slight elevation. As you hike along the curvaceous trail you will come along the meditative aspect of it, many inspirational quotes that will really get your mind thinking as you walk through this beautiful land. IMG_3878 IMG_3885 IMG_3883Although it is smaller than the National Park, you will see most of the same flora here along with gorgeous mountain views. IMG_3881 IMG_3877 IMG_3876Many plants are labeled along the trails in the style of a botanical garden. There were many colorful flowers during our visit including the Mexican golden poppy. IMG_3889 IMG_3887 IMG_3886You may discover an odd little rock labyrinth during your hike. IMG_3892 IMG_3893There is a suggest way of walking it to increase your meditative state of mind, it certainly slows your thoughts down if you follow it. IMG_3896This is a totally free space both spiritually and monetarily. It can fulfill hiking needs for a low budget, and you can leave with a peaceful easy feeling.

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