Tucson’s Public Market: La Estrella Bakery, Mast, and Thursday Farmers Market

I am a person who almost always saves room for dessert, but for some reason on this trip I barely had any! One place I made sure to visit was La Estrella Bakery [100 S Avenida Del Convento, Tucson]. The little bakery had two helpful ladies behind the counter who steered me in the right direction. I had to get an empanada and these treats came in many flavors. IMG_3915I found out that mango was most popular, and for good reason! I am not always the biggest fan of mango as a fruit, but it tasted divine sugared up in an empanada package. One of the girls told me the elote was her favorite pastry.


She explained to me that in Spanish elote means corn, and the pastry gets its name because it looks like corn. It a sweet bread which has a sugary exterior,and is filled with a soft mushy interior, it was very tasty. IMG_3916

I came to the address simply to find this bakery, but was luckily surprised with so much more! The bakery is located with the Mercado San Agustin – the Public Market, an open air courtyard surrounded by little local shops and restaurants. IMG_3849 IMG_3850We had just come from eating lunch so we weren’t looking for any more food than our bakery treats, but we did so enjoy looking through all of the little boutiques. Particularly, Mast had some lovely little treasures. I spoke to one of the owners who told me she along with two others make most of the kitschy jewelry and other goods inside. The prices of their items ranged from pretty darn expensive to I can afford that. I got a fine pair of earrings and every time I put them on I will remember the market, and my trip!

When we got back out front venders were setting up for a farmers market, another great surprise, and especially lucky because it only happens on Thursdays 3-6. IMG_3853Fate! We browsed around the venders who were open early and came across one with funky little dream catchers. IMG_3852For only $6 I had to have one. It was a pain trying to travel back with it delicately, but it made the trip and I’ve been sleeping easy ever since. We also scored a pound of tasty little tangelos from the same vendor. IMG_3851So sweet and juicy! We had some left over after our trip and they were extra special, bringing my mind back to the desert.

Try and make it out to the Public Market on a Thursday afternoon, it was such a pleasant excursion.

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