San Diego: Sunset Cliffs

Sometimes, the name says it all. If you are the type to make time to watch the sunset, Sunset Cliffs [1253 Sunset Cliffs Blvd, San Diego this is just one number to use for a GPS, but there are many parking lots and blocks amongst the cliffs to park] is certainly a captivating spot to do so. Check the sunset time and try to get to the park an hour early so you get a spot and have time to explore. Bring a sweater, it can get chilly as the sun goes down. We ended up visiting this park twice because our first time was a bit out of the ordinary. As we were driving our blue skies were exchanged for thick fog quickly rolling in, a relatively rare phenomena for the area. IMG_3397We got to the park and the blanket of gray did not want to budge, so no sunset for us. The fog did give the scene a special eerie feel, so in this way I felt lucky to have witnessed it! We found a spot by the Ladera St. and Sunset Cliffs Blvd intersection and started walking. The park itself is a path on a sheer bluff that follows the coast looking out on amazing natural formations such as caves and arches, and of course the Pacific Ocean. From Ladera St. we took a path less traveled and away from the cliffs amongst some beautiful flowers (ice plants!)IMG_3405 IMG_3408until we found a tree tunnel, so mysterious in the fog! IMG_3409We continued through it passing back into the strange sandstone designs. IMG_3414 IMG_3417 IMG_3419This part of the park had a bit more of a rowdy feel to it as younger people were finding quiet corners to party. We retraced our steps and back closer to the road we found many surfers leaving the water, as the sun would have been going down. We walked down some stairs and came face to face with the lines in the rock, and I wondered its age. IMG_3401Pigeons huddled in its ridges and ice plants made their homes as daredevils. IMG_3403Sunset or no, looking out into that ocean full of grays greens and blues had a calming effect on the soul. If the tide was right, you could walk down and enter some caves here.

Our second visit was much more typical. Since we viewed the further section the previous time, we decided to park in the first available lot and check out the other end of the park. We followed the main trail closest to the water and saw some stellar natural sights. IMG_3698 IMG_3699 IMG_3711 IMG_3701Besides the cliffs, there were some interesting little works of art, stunning million dollar homes, and people watching to do. IMG_3703 IMG_3710 IMG_3713This free attraction draws an interesting crowd to be sure! A local showed me a spot where you hold onto a rope and climb down a cliff to get to a secluded beach, maybe on my future third visit! The best of all though is finding a quiet spot of your own and watching that sun go down into the pure unobstructed Pacific. IMG_3731Nature at its best!

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  1. Linda says:

    This was an extraordinary beautiful place with some dangerous cliffs. Did not seem to bother some people looking for a place to hang out! The sunsets were beautiful there. What an amazing place to exist.

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