Albany’s Taiwan Noodle

Such a yummy dinner here, so close to home! Just on Central Ave in Albany with a great little parking lot to get off the main drag (218 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12206). This place has been on my list for a long time, and I finally made it out for some soup. I have been hitting every soup joint I can conjure up this month to battle this cold weather. So many soups to choose from, and we made some mighty fine choices. Jeff got the beef noodle soup as his main dish, you have to when you come here. IMG_3212Tender beef and savory broth with lots of warm noodles and some great greens, he was a happy guy. I got the baked rice with chicken cutlet which was pretty unique to me and scrumptious tasting to be sure. IMG_3209 IMG_3211The top was slightly crispy and inside was packed with moist tender chicken, veggies, and rice. So good, and I have a lot left for dinner tomorrow. We also got yummy soup dumplings, a vat of some of the best wonton soup (also going in the dinner for tomorrow collection, we over ordered…whoops!), and bubble teas. IMG_3207 IMG_3208I had never had bubble tea warm before it was great this way. I had a coconut and Jeff had a mango, this was my first good experience with it, so happy I tried again. IMG_3206We really loved our food choices, had excellent service, and enjoyed this outing immensely. With such a close proximity to our place, I think we have an official new Chinese take out joint, score!

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Yes I’ve hit them all..actually had Cardona’s yesterday 🙂

  2. Taiwan Noodle, Parivar, Cardona’s you’re making me miss Albany! (which I never thought was possible) There’s so much good food up there! I hope you’ve had Juicy Burger, Bountiful Bread, and Cafe Capriccio

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