Dinner at Plum Blossom in Troy

I know there is no shortage of Chinese spots in the Capital Region, some more authentic than others, but sometimes I long for the qualities of the joints I grew up with back home around Westchester. It’s the little things that mean the most when you go to sit down in a restaurant, like a pot of tea on the house, or something as silly as fortune cookies at the end of a meal. These are things that I associate with a sit down Chinese restaurant and they set the mood. Plum Blossom in Troy is the first Chinese restaurant in the Capital Region that has provided these things, and so much more! We truly had a lovely experience here. We were (shockingly!) on our way back from a hike, our feet totally drenched from sloshy winter snow, and pretty famished, this place looked like the promise land. The outside of the restaurant is wooden and beautiful, and it is just the same on the inside, and they let us in as we were. IMG_3092We were promptly seated and happily started devouring some crispy noodles, hot tea, and a sweet little salad. IMG_3093Our jovial waiter took our orders and the soups that came with our meal were out in no time. This was also a first in the region, wonton soup coming with a meal! The wontons  were great the noodle tasted fresh, the broth warming, and the chives nice and potent. IMG_3094We ordered dim sum as an appetizer which was a correct choice. They were so savory and delicious tossed about in a finger licking sauce. IMG_3096I probably could have eaten a whole platter of these for my meal, but I’m glad I didn’t. I ordered the succulently grilled shrimp with spinach noodles, which was sitting on a creamy sauce and had the perfect hint of coconut to it, sweet and savory this dish was amazing! IMG_3098Loved the crispiness of the peppers and onions, especially when mingled with the sauce. I couldn’t stop raving about it. Jeff got Seafood War Bowl that was packed with tasty surf and turf meats and veggies, not as spicy as he expected, but delicious nonetheless. IMG_3097Definitely had some leftovers from these big portions and they tasted just as good the next day. With the bill came the fortune cookies, and one was chocolate. IMG_3099After twenty some odd years of life eating Chinese food, I have never seen a chocolate fortune cookie. This astounded me. I don’t usually even eat the cookies, I just claim my fortune, but I ate this one and it had a nice trace of cocoa. Great atmosphere, service, and food!

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  1. Jake says:

    I’ve driven by this place many of times and always wanted to check it out, great review.

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