Ballston Spa Hike: Bog Meadow Nature Trail

We took our first hike of the year at Bog Meadow Nature Trail in Ballston Spa on new years day, a perfect way to start it off (gps intersection in Ballston Spa: Route 29/Lake ave and Weibel ave, continue on Weibel ave 300 yards on right)! It’s a 2 mile trail one way, so 4 round trip, totally flat and straight following an old rail track. IMG_3028It is a trail filled with water: flowing, ice, snow, and frozen mud. It was beautiful to see the running water flow alive through the bog flora, and meditative to listen to with the sun beaming down on our cold faces. IMG_3026The trail is lined with interesting icy designs, gorgeous striations and bubbles. IMG_3036 IMG_3029The trail itself was not terribly hard to walk on account of the ice we were fine without spikes, but it was slippery and in parts snow covered so we had to walk with caution. In the wet months I can imagine this place drenched in mud, there was really awesome crunchy frozen mud still on the ground which looked crystallized. IMG_3037 IMG_3038The incorporated boardwalks had a few spots to look out at the boggy scenery, while we didn’t spot any wildlife on our walk there were signs of it all around us. IMG_3027There were some others walking the line on this chilly day, but the trail was not packed by any means. This is a very relaxing stroll of a hike, beautiful and interesting the whole way through making the miles pass like magic!

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