Best of Oahu Activities: Iolani Palace & King Kamehameha Statue

Iolani Palace & King Kamehameha Statue (History, Honolulu)

The only royal palace on American soil is in Oahu, smack in the middle of Honolulu (364 South King Street, Honolulu, HI 96813). There is metered parked all around the palace, we popped a couple of quarters in and went to observe. The palace is big beautiful, and surrounded by palm trees. IMG_2793We weren’t in the mood to take a tour so we just read a bit of history on the panels outside and took in the view. We also found a lizard that Jeff narrowly avoided crushing it and then befriended. IMG_2788We crossed the street to check out the epically gilded King Kamehameha statue and learn a bit about his equally epic history. IMG_2795Next door there is an old church that does services in the Hawaiian language. We walked back across the street to view all of the funny holiday decorations that were up. Hawaiians seem to love Christmas they have the jolliest decorations on their monkeypod trees. IMG_2798 IMG_2810 IMG_2808We stumbled in to a building full of Christmas trees, and a man explained to us that different state agencies decorated them all. My favorite was the one done by the Parks and Rec. IMG_2805The whole tree was created by recycled bottles and things they found while working, it was an amazing piece of art! If you have the interest you should probably take a bit of time to check out this small space in downtown Honolulu that packs a big punch historical punch.

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