Best of Oahu Off the Beaten Path: Spitting Caves

Spitting Caves (Natural Attraction, Windward)

This was a little tricky to find, but I love a good natural attraction (Intersection of Popipu and Lumahai in Honolulu. Take Lumahai down to the end and park, nice residential area). We followed the directions, found the block, parked the car, and I started walking like I knew what I was doing. There were men working on the street filling up a huge hole. I read that the path was at the end of the block, and another young couple started following us, and I figured that they must have known what they were doing. I get to the end, they catch up, we’re all looking around. I asked them if they too were looking for the spitting cave and we all laughed. We headed back to the guys working and I asked them what the deal was, their equipment was actually covering up the little entrance. They thought we were yuppies who lived in one of those nice houses on the block, we all laughed (I wish!). The path isn’t at the very end of the block, but a few yards before it. It’s a dead end so if you are heading towards the end it is on your right side and there is a very small sign and a chain link fence. The path down to the caves is slippery, you’ve been warned. I did in flip-flops and was fine, but I really took my time. It’s a short path that starts out dirt and turns into rock. You emerge from the dark path to bask in the sunlight and see the deep beautiful blue ocean. IMG_1799The patterns on the rocks are so amazing and they can tell you a story of the weather they have lived through. IMG_1801 IMG_1807Walk around a bit and you will discover what you came for, the spitting cave! It’s like a sideways blowhole, and really cool. IMG_1803 IMG_1804When a big wave hits the water will get sucked in, and spit out in a dramatic way. This would be a fun place to bring a towel and tan if you aren’t feeling like sand or swimming, or even a little picnic. I have heard it is good for stargazing, but just remember the path is slippery! Free to visit of course, and good for a little natural distraction.

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