Best of Oahu Off the Beaten Path: Makua Cave

Makua Cave (Natural Attraction, Leeward)

A quick stop on the way to or from Ka’ena Point you can find the entrance to this cave at Farrington Highway mile marker 17. There is a dirt parking lot directly across the street on the ocean side. I was actively searching for it on the way there but it eluded me. On the way back I saw it out of the corner of my eye and we u-turned back to check it out. IMG_2052The cave is pretty big and you can walk in a descent distance before you have to start crawling. I wasn’t doing anything that wild on this day, but you could if spelunking is your game. IMG_2057No one was there when we entered but there was some trash and bottles on the ground. Definitely an eerie feeling in here, but I guess that’s how most dark deserted caves feel. IMG_2055No bats or any visible wildlife, just a neat natural creation that I probably spent less than 10 minutes at, but was happy to have found!

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