Best of Oahu Hikes: Manoa Falls & Lyon Arboretum

Manoa Falls & Lyon Arboretum (Waterfall, Educational, Honolulu)

A waterfall hike has a great draw, what a beautiful payoff for your labors. There was work being done on the road to the trailhead so the only free place to park was down the road a bit. We didn’t mind walking the few extra minutes to save $5. Along the way there is gift shop and restaurant with a public restroom. There was a sweet very old cat hanging about, and a shockingly friendly chicken. IMG_2546IMG_2548We got to the trailhead and the path was very well maintained. Scenes from the movie Jurassic Park and the show Lost were filmed in this gorgeous place. IMG_2566Very easy to navigate the trail is out and back, but areas can be slippery so walk with care. The flora is dense and beautiful along the way, lots of bamboo present. IMG_2551 IMG_2553This is a very popular hike; many people were on it because it is relatively easy, short, and has a strong 150 ft waterfall. IMG_2557The waterfall is a really magnificent sight and has a nice little pool at the base. IMG_2563 IMG_2564Find yourself a quiet rock to sit on and listen to the meditative cascade, feel the cool air it produces until you are ready to head back. Right next door is Lyon Arboretum, a free garden to walk about. The arboretum has some beautiful flowers and trees (many of which are labeled), and a good number of trails to explore. IMG_2574 IMG_2573 IMG_2575 IMG_2582 IMG_2583 IMG_2585You can take a trail to visit yet another waterfall, Aihualama, but it isn’t nearly as impressive as the first (at least when we visited it was pretty dry). IMG_2576 IMG_2577It is very peaceful and has some beautiful landscapes. Bring bug spray! GPS intersection: Lowry Ave + Manoa Rd in Honolulu. Take Manoa Rd to the very end and enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful pics of your hike at Manoa Falls. It ooks so serene and would love to mediate there.

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