Best of Oahu Eats: Yama’s Fish Market

Yama’s Fish Market (Hawaiian, Cheap Eats, Lunch/Dinner, Takeout, Honolulu)

With all of the different cultures present in Oahu, you can almost forget that Hawaiians alone originally inhabited the island. They have such a great culture and a unique cuisine; I had to seek out some traditional Hawaiian grub on my visit, and this market is the place to go. There’s a great parking lot and this is pretty much a takeout joint, but there are two little outside tables. You can call up your order in advance or just go in and look at what’s available. Jeff picked up a grilled ahi plate which had a beautiful char on it, was very fresh and delicious. IMG_2773I tried out a spicy pasteles and chicken lau lau. Both orders were under $5 I really could have gotten just one because each was so filling. The pasteles was kind of similar to a tamale and it was good, but I really enjoyed the lau lau. The chicken is cooked in banana leaves with some herbs and the leaves melt into it.


The meat was tender and perfect, I loved scooping it up with the white rice so good! We also grabbed a sweet potato and pumpkin haupia squares for dessert which were so simple and tasty, perfect treats. IMG_2775It was a ridiculously cheap, delicious, and filling dinner whipped up quick. The service was very friendly and I enjoyed looking around the market. Definitely a great place to go for some traditional Hawaiian cuisine.

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