Best of Oahu Eats: The Alley Restaurant

The Alley Restaurant at Aiea Bowl (Dinner, Leeward)

One way to know Jeff and Julie are on vacation is after their 12-hour day shifts of zany activity they flop dead on the bed and watch the food network. We don’t have cable in our apartment so this is a tradition of relaxation for us. We were watching Guy on Triple D and a Hawaii episode came on! What a coincidence. I fell asleep, but Jeff saw a dish at a restaurant he was really interested in trying because Guy made the best noises while eating it. We headed there one evening and after watching the perfect sunrise from the parking lot we were seated. The joint is so funky, it’s a really quality (but very affordable) restaurant connected to a bowling alley.IMG_2539 The place was packed though service was impeccable, we were checked on very often to make sure everything was comfortable. The food was so good! We ordered the alley fried noodles which had fresh yakisoba noodles, cabbage, spam, bacon, kamaboko, and green onions; I loved all the different colors and flavors and ate so much of this delicious dish I couldn’t finish my meal. IMG_2536Whoops, not sorry! I had the plate lunch with pan-seared furikake ahi and garlic shrimp which came with white rice and mac salad, it was so fresh and tasty I wish that I had more room for it but the portion was big! IMG_2537Of course Jeff knew what he wanted, the ox tail soup was served steaming in a gigantic bowl. IMG_2538This was one of his favorite meals of the trip and he ate the whole bowl. We really enjoyed our experience here and I think it’s such a hip idea to have this really striking restaurant conjoined with a bowling alley, with a bar, allowing a whole night of serious fun. There is also a take out window that was busy if you don’t feel like doing sit down, and there is lots of parking here. What a fun time!

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    🙂 🙂 🙂

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    “Striking” restaurant…funny! 🙂

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