Urban Exploration in Yonkers Untermyer Park

Untermyer Park is probably one of the cooler hikes I’ve been on. I wouldn’t classify it as a hardcore hike by any means, almost more urban exploration in a natural setting. The park is located in Yonkers, NY (Westchester) and it is the site of a ruined estate and gardens. The estate was developed in the early 1900s, although it looks as though it’s from another time, perhaps an ancient Greek or Roman era.

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In recent years the place has really been fixed up and you can access more areas without having to hop over gates and wade through brush.

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It is more likely than not if you delve into the woods that you will run into deer here, who do not seem distressed by human presence.

10368189_10203822047089593_1703059428709930390_n 251815_10200345841626629_330463834_n If you make it all the way down the hill you will be rewarded with views of the palisades in the distance across the river, and a great abandoned  foundation to explore.

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There are treasure trove of nooks and cranies to discover in this park, take your time and enjoy.

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Peculiar fact: this was Son of Sam’s stomping ground. It is free to visit.


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