Home of the Garabedians: The Bronx Christmas House

My family has had a tradition of visiting the ‘Christmas House’ in the Bronx for as far back as I can remember. I never knew what it was actually called until I googled it just now, the Garabedian House. You learn something new everyday. If you are looking for a real kitschy holiday roadside attraction, this is truly it. In the great neighborhood of Pelham Parkway sits a little pink house that gets dressed up to the nines every Christmas season. It is decked out with all of your Christmas regulars such as baby Jesus nativity scenes, reindeer, and cherubs…but so much more! Life-sized manikin statues of stars and characters, many of which you know, are dancing and glittering for your entertainment. There have been some who were there since I was barely walking, new comers throughout the years, all are welcome and amazing!

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Many people throw dollars and change through the gate. Your best bet is to park down the block, it’s not hard to find a legal spot you just have to walk a bit. Things get REAL hectic as you get close to the house so be aware of people bouncing in and out of the street. So worth the visit, maybe it will become a tradition of your own!



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