Colonie’s Hong Kong Bakery & Bistro

I recently had a great dinner at Hong Kong Bakery and Bistro in Colonie. It’s difficult to pull in if you’re coming from Albany, (I turned left into I-Hop and made an easy right from there) but is a quiet little lot to park in. Before you enter the restaurant there is a little koi pond. The space is pretty big and I dug the bling on the sides of the tables. We were seated in a nice quiet cozy spot. I had wanted to order dim sum but silly me didn’t look at the times it was available and we got there too late. Next time! It was a cold night so we started with a warm seafood soup. It came in a serving big bowl, and there were large chunks of tasty seafood, veggies, and noodles to scoop into your own bowl.

IMG_1509 I got a honey jubilee tea which was so sweet and delicious, when I got to the bottom I noticed some fruit was there. I chop-sticked it up, but I’m not certain what it was…maybe pear? Whatever it was it was drenched in honey-goodness.


Jeff got Schezuan beef and a Chinese beer. He ate it all and said it wasn’t too spicy, but tender and good.


I got chicken in garlic sauce and it is definitely a better version than most in the area. It came with an array of crunchy veggies. It also turned into dinner the next day, because the portion was pretty large.


After dinner we check out the bakery section which was filled with colorful pastries. There was a buy three get one free deal going on so we decided on a few, the taro being my favorite. Very unique texture and taste. The rest of the pastries were just okay in my opinion, maybe when I’m thinking dessert I want a bit more sugar.


We got two more buns for lunch the next day. I had the chicken and mushroom which was fantastic, and Jeff had the roast pork bun.


Lots of food, great service, and a nice atmosphere. If you’re looking to get some Chinese food for dinner, you should try out Hong Kong Bakery and Bistro, definitely one of the better choices in the area!

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