Yorktown’s Sylvan Glen Park Preserve & Peekskill’s Kathleen’s Tea Room

Sylvan Glen Park Preserve in Yorktown was where my Mom and I spent Black Friday, sweet deal! It was a bitter cold, but starkly gorgeous day. We parked and instantly got a winter wonderland view of a little lake.


We passed by a little dog park and continued onto the trails. They were a little bit slippery but manageable. There were a lot of interesting aspects to this park; it was once the sight of a quarry, and there are huge piles of rocks about.


We climbed up some stairs and were rewarded with the sight of some icy sparkling trees and mountains in the distance.

IMG_1625 IMG_1622

Continuing on the trails we came to another overlook,


a small pond,


and an neat little cave/passage way.

IMG_1633 After a few good miles we were back at the car, and hungry. We drove a short distance to Peekskill and had such a lovely lunch at Kathleen’s Tea Room. The joint is decorated in your hippest grandmother’s fashion.


There was a fireplace roaring helping to heat the space which has a very tall ceiling. We ordered a pot of lavender tea and it was very floral and warmed us up just right.

IMG_1639 IMG_1640 Breathing that in was straight aroma therapy. I ordered a BLT which was so so good. It was well balanced with crunchy bread and bacon, fresh arugula and tomatoes, homemade aioli. The potato salad was really creamy and amazing, and the salad had lots of interesting treasures in it.


My mom went for a half soup which was a root vege, and half sandwich which was Scottish salmon rounds, and also came with a salad. It looked so colorful and pretty!


This place was packed and certainly with good reason. The friendly owner popped by our table to chat and ask how our meal was. Another beautiful day we got to spend in nature, with good food, and most importantly each other!




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