Sushi X in Latham

We recently visited Sushi X in Latham with friends in town who wanted to pig out on some sushi. The decorations are garish and the service is lax. This is definitely a quantity over quality place so you need to realize that when visiting, but the food was pretty decent on the whole. I’d skip on ordering tea, it wasn’t tasty and it was cold. The mushroom soup was a winner in my book, as were the gyoza, and red snapper teriyaki.

IMG_1496 IMG_1497 IMG_1498 The rock shrimp are probably my favorite dish, how could you go wrong with fried shrimp smothered in tangy sauce?


The sushi was decent, I’ve had worse, and I’ve certainly had better. The spicy girl roll was my favorite.


Ice cream was very yummy and creamy, we had to ask for it because it was not offered. I got a scoop of strawberry and green tea.

IMG_1501 This is the place to visit if you are on a budget with a big appetite.


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