Catskills Route-28 Oddities

Route 28 in the Catskills has got a lot of quirky and cool spots to visit, if you know where to look. Yesterday we started out with breakfast at the Bread Alone Bakery in Boiceville, and ooh it was good. The products here are organic and handmade, they look so good I could eat the entire store. You order and pick up your food the counter and there are a few tables to sit at. I noticed there were benches to eat outside too. The place wasn’t super crowded, but had a steady trickle of customers. We started off with a chocolate croissant and a raspberry Danish. So flakey and scrumptious.

IMG_1559 IMG_1555

I got a bacon egg and cheese on a fluffy rustic roll. I could eat one every morning.

IMG_1556 IMG_1558

Jeff got the quiche of the day, chorizo and cheddar. He confirmed it as one of the best quiches he has encountered.


The coffee was named ‘counter culture’ and quite good. They sell bags of coffee, granola, cookies, and various other items along with their bread and pastries.


Nearly next-door are two oddly interesting entities. Last winter I found myself in this very same location, but not for breakfast. Cabin fever had me searching for some strange things. One of them was Steve Heller’s Fabulous Furniture. I didn’t come here looking for furniture, more just to look at art. I would call this place a sculpture park. On the front lawn are some ridiculous cars, rockets, and contraptions.

1426211_10202549883326294_1265536840_n563737_10202549887526399_1674534067_n 1466156_10202549885886358_331857832_n1470393_10202549885166340_1904902693_n 1441502_10202549883926309_1363401726_n

Inside are many more interesting oddities, including many robots.


This place is worth a detour. Right in the same area I noticed a huge totem pole, which warranted some investigation itself.

999622_10202549880046212_1277200324_n I found myself wandering around in wonder about the small backyard of the Emile Burnel Sculpture Garden.



Some really cool stuff here; this is a loaded little strip of sights! Who knew? Last year after checking out these spots I was on my way down the road to Mt. Tremper to visit America’s Largest Kaleidoscope. A peculiar roadside attraction, a 56 foot tall and in a silo. It’s $5 a person for a show, which is kind of silly, but fun all the same.


Afterwards you can walk around the kaleidastore, which is really cool, almost like a museum itself.


All of this strange stuff on just a few miles of Route 28!


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