Oneonta’s Butterfly Conservatory

If you’re down for a drive and you love nature, but hate the cold, visit the Joseph L. Popp, Jr. Butterfly Conservatory in Oneonta. This place is really great. It’s not the biggest butterfly conservatory in the world, but it really packs a lot of punch. You can spend a lot of time here taking in little details, you can circle the area a hundred times and surely find something you never spotted before. There are many free flying birds, lizards, and of course butterflies to observe in a tropically temperatured room. If you are patient or get lucky you can examine butterflies as they feed or lounge for a while before they start fluttering about again.

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The birds are lovely and exotic and all seem to have their own personalities and perches.

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The reptiles and amphibians are beautiful. I had never seen an iguana so blue, nor a Malayan horned frog…ever!

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I also enjoyed viewing the mudskipper, an amazing fish that can breath and walk out of the water.

644601_4621906543652_1189359478_n This is such a fun and educational space to spend some time and forget about the world outside. It is a great spot to stop off before visiting not too distant Cooperstown.


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