Art and Entertainment at Albany International Airport

One of the reasons winter is hard for me is because I have to find indoor activities. In the depths of last winter I found myself with cabin fever heading to the Albany International Airport. No, I didn’t have a flight to take; I was just going to get out of the house. There is free parking for a half an hour, and some solid art to look at. Quickly. When I was there the art on display was created by using lots of different fabrics, and it was really neat.

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After checking out the art exhibit my friend and I went to watch some planes take off. There weren’t many, it’s an extremely small airport, but I’d imagine this might be a fun thing for younger children to do during winter as well. There were some interesting history panels about the airport if you have some time, but make sure you get back to your car if you don’t want to end up pay for parking. A quick, free, and cultural trip to get out of the house on a cold day? I’ll take it.

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