Dinner in Latham: Epicurean Bistro

I had a Groupon to visit the Epicurean Bistro in Latham for quite a few months, and finally cashed in on it this weekend. It was Friday night and by the time we got back from work the sun was just about down. The temptation to get into comfy clothes and spend the entire evening on the couch binging on Netflix was strong. Somehow we called up and made a reservation, got dressed and in the car, and ended up eating a fine dinner. The Groupon was buy one get one free on the price fix menu, a great deal. Finding the joint was a bit of a toughy, as it is in a rather large shopping complex that I was unfamiliar with. After looping around once I luckily spotted it, and we walked on in. The atmosphere was nice and we were seated in a dimly lit corner. Service was great, my water was constantly filled and the bread with balsamic and oil was yummy. Being the queen of hydration, I drink a ton of ice water while dining and always end up freezing. I usually put my hands around a candle if there is one, and noticing this our waiter was kind enough to bring me a hot cup of water. Bonus points for thoughtfulness! The price fix menu had really tasty options, we loved everything we ordered. For our appetizers we got the soup of the day which was a savory roasted vegetable and escargot. Jeff really loved the tong-like contraption to pick up the snails with.

IMG_1466 IMG_1467

We both ordered the fish of the day, which was a white fish paired with rice and vegetables. I thought the portion was perfect and the fish was very flavorful in a great sauce.


For dessert I had warm chocolate-almond bread pudding which had a scoop of ice cream on top, so good. Jeff had the chocolate pot de crème which was super delightful as well.


I am so glad we didn’t let the dark cold night keep us in our apartment; we truly enjoyed a fantastic meal with a lovely atmosphere and phenomenal service.



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  1. WE love The Epicurean in Latham N.Y. We have had lunch and dinner there and Happy Hour at the bar. Everything there is delicious!! You can tell it is upscale.. at Happy Hour you can get small plates, but we had done that once before and they were really small plates. Now we opt for the bar menu that has a wonderful burger on it. Before we had crab cakes and escargot.. while enjoying the draft beer which as Happy Hour price at the bar for $3.00.. a deal.. Atmosphere is lovely and relaxing and wait staff is great.

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