Westchester Hike: Twin Lakes

I spent so many hours of my youth hiking at Twin Lakes in Eastchester and when I am visiting my family in Westchester I still often return to these trails. The short drive from my childhood home was beautiful down tree lined and hilly California Road. At the base of this hill I would park by the gazebo (there is no parking lot), and walk into the preserve across the street. Throughout the years the place has been cleaned up and paths are more clearly defined. I have a certain route I like to take, and I begin along the first of the twin lakes, which was still rich with fiery foliage this past weekend.


I walk over a bridge


and under the Hutchinson River Parkway through a dark tunnel


and I am transported into a more densely wooded area. I’ve run into all sorts of rodents, deer, and birds during my time here. On this day I saw a brazen woodpecker, unmoved by my presence.

IMG_1397 I walked along my route following the second of the twin lakes, and saw a familiar sight. Swans have always been present here throughout the years.


My hike is an out and back, and the end of the out is signified by a stone path leading to an abandoned building.


There is graffiti inside and a waterfall beside it spilling playfully down some stairs.


This is the perfect spot to look out across the lake at the trees, water, and watch for birds. This is a picture I took at the beginning of last fall:


This is a place you will often see people fishing, walking their dogs, running, riding horses, or just plain hiking like I do.




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