Westchester Hike: Lenior Preserve

I visited Lenior Preserve in Yonkers, Westchester and it was a great little spot. Doesn’t take long to walk around this 40 acre plot, but you may find some odd things along the way to hold your attention. It’d be hard to miss the huge abandoned mansion, for starters.


What a beautiful estate filled with fine little details, sad to see it in disuse, but fun to peruse about.

IMG_1186 IMG_1185

There is a nature center, gazebo, a butterfly garden, some paved paths, and wooded paths. It is a very eclectic place. On the trail leading towards the adjacent park, the old croton aqueduct trail way, we saw some ruins and a black cat.

IMG_1189 IMG_1190

The views of the palisades were stunning on the trail way, and we walked a bit along this stretch that goes for miles and miles.


The birds and deer love this place, and so do I. What a wonderful urban oasis.



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