Albany Eats: The Cheese Traveler

A very affordable lunch or dinner option with quality ingredients and tremendous taste: I’m talking about a grilled cheese sandwich from the Cheese Traveler in Albany’s DelSo neighborhood. I absolutely cannot believe it has taken me this long to visit while it was waiting for me not even five minutes down the road. It has been on my to eat list forever but I am so glad to have finally got the chance to devour the pumpqueen sandwich last week. The sandwich was on their specials board that day and consisted of fontina cheese, pumpkin butter, and a pepper relish grilled to perfection. How could I not choose it? It was hot, gooey, and a most solid combination.

IMG_1388 While I was waiting for my sandwich to be cooked up fresh, I amused myself by looking around the store crammed with goodies. They have all sorts of great artisanal products ranging from local meat, fish, yogurt, ice cream, condiments, and chocolates just to name a few…and of course CHEESES galore. I ended up grabbing a big jar of pickles for my dad and Jeff got a fizzy pineapple pop to sip on. Go enjoy a simple pleasure in a grand way, check out the Cheese Traveler.

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