Short and Stout Tea

I took another visit to Short and Stout Tea this weekend because I won their weekly give away! How exciting I had been sharing their specials for weeks on facebook and my efforts paid off :). Last time I got a simple green tea and a delicious savory pastry. This time I got a decadent iced pumpkin chai and cheesecake square. 


YUM. I also enjoyed trying their tea samples, an iced creamsicle and a hot cinnabon. Love this place!

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3 Responses to Short and Stout Tea

  1. Katherine says:

    Thats so much closer to what I want! I will definitely have to check them out Thank you =]

  2. Veeery different from Whistling Kettle. Food isn’t made to order here, just sweet and savory pastries behind glass you can choose from. Tea is the main gig and you can pick from tons of different teas and sit down in their spacious store on a comfy seat and enjoy. You pay at the counter and they make the tea for you but then the rest is self service. I think this would definitely fit what you’re looking for!

  3. Katherine says:

    How would you compare Short and Stout to Whistling Kettle? I’m not really a fan of WK; its a bit too processed and mainstream for me. When I think tea shop, I want something like Daily Grind or Spillin’ the Beans- but with tea instead of coffee.

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