Schenectady Eats: Civitello’s

Spumoni? I’d never heard of it.


AOA has some interesting food articles, and if I’m in the neighborhood I’ll give it a try. I went to Civitello’s while I was in Schenectady and this was a pocket of the city I’d never been to before, Little Italy. A few bakeries, bars, restaurants, and a generally quiet atmosphere. When I got inside I walked to the back counter and asked about Spumoni. I was given the option of pistachio or chocolate. I went with chocolate, but it wasn’t simply that. It had vanilla, some pistachio, interesting bits of nuts, yellow and red stuff, and a frosty texture that is oh so perfect for a hot afternoon.

If you’re in Schenectady and craving something sweet, stop on by and try a different icy treat. They also serve an assortment of bakery treats, and meals other than dessert.


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