Swimming, Lunching, and Hiking in Chatham

There’s nothing like sunshine and summertime. I want to be outside all day, so often times, I am.

Yesterday it was hot and time to get in some water. I spent some time around a refreshing creek with the swallows and the tadpoles, and after sunning and swimming, it was time for lunch and hiking.


Lunch was at Our Daily Bread in Chatham. The menu was vegetarian at the location we frequented, but on a hot summers day that can be just what you want. I got an iced tea, the ‘Yo’ which had mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, cheese, and pesto on delicious sourdough bread, and it came with salad. Scrumptious, and perfect to eat under a shaded canopy outside.


Fully energized and ready for a walk in the woods, we headed to the Wilson M. Powell Wildlife Sanctuary. Here was a preserve quietly tucked away from the human world, but alive with the sound of birds chattering away. A short walk through mossy woods takes you to some beautiful views.


The next hike was at the Ooms Conservation Area, a very different environment. Here there are also many birds to hear, but they are more visible as this area is not so densely forested. There is a large pond to look upon, and three miles of trails. You will hear the birds, the frogs, and not much else. There are lots of beautiful wildflowers and rolling hills, and the Catskills in the distance.

ImageImageImageImage This was a beautiful way to spend a summers day, only a half an hour from the city.






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  2. I found it thanks to your blog!!

  3. Shawn says:

    I grew up right next to that swimming hole on the Kinderhook Creek! Great spot!!

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