Wit’s End

You’re on the Northway and you see something odd out of the corner of your eye.


During the day it is an overly colorful patriotic scene. At night it has a lot of gaudy lights. I always wondered what it was, and found out that it’s an eccentric gift store called Wit’s End in Clifton Park. On a quiet day I walked through the oddly intriguing store for about an hour. It’s HUGE and seems endless. One room leads into another, you go up and down stairways. Many of the rooms have themes, such as kitchenware’s, holidays, candles, clothes, jewelry, candy, you can find a gift for virtually any occasion. There is also a Pandora station in the store. After visiting my curiosity about this place was quenched. I would recommend visiting this store if you are in need of a gift or if you just want to kill some time and explore an interesting establishment.


Check out their website


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